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DIY Insurance

Self-Care - All the way!

It's all about the circles

The innovative circle elements are used throughout

All by yourself

View all required information, get price quotes, purchase insurance, and more…

Quick & Easy

Insurance Purchase

Creativity always adds charm to the process making it light and approachable.

For example, instead of using people images, we created a toothbrush animated counter to specify the number of people in the house.



Already insured? The personal area also supports the quick and easy approach – independently get information, perform actions, follow your payments, access all necessary forms, and much more.


in motion

Informative animations create a sense of enjoyment which makes the insurance purchase process approachable and fun.

Various Insurance Sectors

Each insurance sector has its own associative visual package including conscious choice of color, images and animations to promote different emotional appeal and hopefully the desired outcome.


Cute icons help users quickly understand what this is all about.

Ganit Gur
Head of Digital Channel Transformation

UXPERT is much more than a UX/UI design agency.

They are true partners that help you win the digital race by bringing creative ideas to the table, by delivering quality products on time and by being trustworthy and responsive.

Our client-vendor relationship has quickly transformed to warm partnership and friendship.

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