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Mobility Payments

The easy way!

mobile app

Unique, playful


The cards gallery, along with the colorful circles, make users swipe right and left just to enjoy the movement and see what’s here.


All this, while still keeping the famous Pango circular button, and without harming the traditional on-street parking activation.

The right service at the right time

When launched, the app focuses on the relevant service according to user’s location.


Parking activation

Tap the circular button to start/stop parking.


The app automatically displays car location and ID, but the user can change them.


made easy

Select pump number and start fueling.

It’s as easy as that!

Quick and easy

parking (lot)

When entering a parking lot – just scan the code to start parking.


When getting out  – simply drive through the gate. It will open like magic!


Looking for the cheapest and closest Parking Lot around? Maybe a Gas station? Car wash? Scooter?


Open the Pango map and see what’s around.

Don’t forget to look for the gift icon!

No need to pay now?

Pre-order for later!

If there’s no need to pay for parking, the app celebrates this and enables pre-ordering parking for a later time.


Yet another magical moment!

User Journey. Literally!

The app tries to predict and offer the next possible steps throughout the journey.

Beautiful Illustrations

A warm, fun and emotional aspect is added by the lovely characters.

Liat Peled
VP Product

Thank you for raising to the challenge and helping us transform our strategy and vision into a beautiful and unique app!
Thank you for constantly pushing our limits to provide our customers with the best user experience!
All with non-compromising professionalism and a positive can do approach, and most importantly with great vibes and energy along the way.
Thank you for being a true partner!

Shai Aviram
Product Manager

I completely agree with Liat.
We actually wrote this together : )

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