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grow more with less!

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Daily Irrigation Recommendation

The app provides farmers with daily irrigation recommendations based on real-time data.

Information is power.

Various Views

Viewing weekly irrigation plans or managing multiple fields becomes as easy as apple pie!

Quick Setup

Field setup is easy.
A few visual onboarding steps,
and the field is ready to roll!

Field Study. Literally.

Field studies were conducted before and after app development.

Our first step was to learn what the farmers really needed. Once we got all our ducks in a row, we set about creating an app that addressed those needs.
When the app was ready – Netafim planted two identical corn fields. One was managed by the app and the other by an agronomist.

The app won! It helped grow more corn with less water.

That's what we call: "Field Marketing"!

Netafim visits clients’ fields and accompanies them through the first steps of using the app.

Roei Yonai
Crops Leader, Strategic Products

To design a good application for farmers – you should be one…
At least that’s what we thought when we started the project.
UXPERT proved you just need to be a professional and the rest will follow.
Thanks to your perfectionism and expertise we have the most professional and user-friendly Agriculture app ever made!

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