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Ripple Maker

Inspire your drink!


Ripple Maker

Nice to meet!

Ingenious-designed printing machine with quality touch screen that makes it easy to create personalized designs on coffee, beer or cocktails.

Our designs perfectly fit into the machine’s screen and the apps that connect to it.

Let's party!

Add your personal touch, take a photo, select a design, send it to the machine for printing and get many likes!

Select from gallery

or create your own

Machine users can select designs either from the ready-made gallery, from images sent by consumers via the mobile app, or create new surprising random designs.

Amazing 3D Tutorials

3D animated tutorials show by example how to use the machine

Inserting PODs Demo

Showcasing POD handling with video demonstrations

Mobile app for

remote management

What’s app? We designed two applications for Ripples customers and for their consumers.

Coffee shops can manage their machines using an app, while their consumers can create their own unique designs and send those to the machine for printing!

Adjust for

perfect match

Machine setup made easy.

Define glass size, modify designs, and you’re all set!


The dashboard enables Ripples customers to view machine stats and perform periodic maintenance.

Ophir Fux

Ripples has been working with UXPERT for more than 3 years on several projects. The UX and UI of our flagship product – Ripple Maker, was flawlessly designed by their talented team.

Working with UXPERT has always been inspiring and fruitful and lead to great results!

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