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The marketing part

Gaining user confidence is key to increasing sign-ups and providing as much information as possible goes a long way in helping them make a decision.
Our pages are full of helpful and relevant information, laying a foundation of trust that encourages sign-ups.

Brief me”

Stock market jargon isn’t familiar to everyone.
A brief, friendly, and simple language is used throughout the process, with progressive discovery of further information on demand.

Know the investor

To understand the client’s needs and risk requirements, we created a short survey with a few simple questions.

Suggested Portfolio

Investment suggestions presented to users based on survey answers.
Clear information is given with a call to action to sign up.

Balance Information

Once signed up, web and mobile app interfaces provide the user with a wealth of information about their portfolio performance.

Illustration and Animation

Fun and engaging animations, using basic shapes to convey simplicity and modularity.

Micky Sapir
VP Product

Working with UXPERT is so much more than working with a UX designer.
They form a true partnership providing full support along the entire process. True professionals with a passion to perform, creative out-of-the-box thinking and ability to deliver best of breed products.

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