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train route planning

Most Train apps use a standard form.

We chose a new approach and offered a quicker and easier guided step-by-step process for train route-planning.

Faster process
for frequent travelers

Returning users can plan their ride in two simple steps:


1. Tap on a previous route

2. Select the required time

Et Voilà! Results are displayed!


Favorite routes can be pinned to the top.


When planning a new ride, users usually prefer to start their journey from the nearest station.


No problem… a quick list of nearby stops, sorted by proximity to user’s location is quickly generated and readily available.

Time & date


Our research showed that most passengers plan their rail ride on the same day or just the day before.

The new UI perfectly adapts to that behavior:
Current date and time are presented by default, and when needed – users can select a later time/date.


Users can tap on the screen to see all stations and train swaps along their journey.

Reminders, updates
& more

The app accompanies passengers throughout their entire journey.


They can be reminded when to get off the train, sign up for updates, add to calendar, and even share the ride.

Important updates

In case of delays, platform changes and the like,
updates are displayed if relevant to the route.

Design with character

Lively hand drawn illustrated backgrounds make this app look charming.

It’s all in
the capsule!

Smart transitions of the capsule element:

  • From a button…
  • to origin-destination fields…
  • to date selection toggle…
  • to date/time drop down
Micro animations

For a clear and enjoyable user experience.

The Rail way! : )


Watch our lecture on this case study presented at the UXI Live conference .

20 minutes

Watch our lecture on this case study presented at the UXI Live conference .

20 minutes

We got some industry recognition for this app. It won 3 awards!

Yehuda Salant
Ticketing Manager

Working with UXPERT is pure fun.

They are highly responsive, always pleasant and bring the smartest and brightest solutions to any problem every single time, whether it’s a consumer app or an internal system.

Have been working with UXPERT for 10 years now and counting.

Highly recommended!

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