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This is how a sample damage report process looks like.

Daily Tasks

The rent representatives scroll through their daily tasks to select the one they wish to handle right now.


They can tap each task or open a new one to perform tasks and/or report activity.


A unique interface guides the reps through their tasks.


In this case, they record the car status prior to renting it by taking pictures from all angles.

Damage Reports

The reps mark and  describe each damage using location, text and photos.


Real Life Elements

Real life UI elements are used for intuitive and quick performance.


In this case – the fuel status is represented just the way it looks like in the car dashboard.

Accident Report:

The Visual Way

Accident reporting made easy.
The users just draw the event flow on the map, add a few words and they’re done!

The Results
  • 100% Paperless
  • -80% Service Time
Leasing App

Leasing customers also get an app, enabling them to schedule car treatments, get status info, report damages / accidents and more!

Guy Sela
Project Manager

One of the smartest decisions we made when developing our apps, was not to skimp on UX. This is why we chose UXpert and the results were breathtaking.

It is very uncommon to get good feedback from users when giving them a new system. But in this case, we got it. They just loved it!

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