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End-to-end insurance journey


Fast and
Insurance Quotes

Minimal data requested from the user, only the absolute essentials.
Simple screens, each containing a single question to minimize the cognitive load.

and Dynamic

A light design because insurance can be simple and fun.


Fluid animations that seem like one continuously changing screen and make the process feel short.

Natural Dialogue

Clear straightforward micro-copy, to create a natural dialogue, just like talking to a real person.


Online purchasing is a hassle-free, fully automated process. No phone calls needed. Users simply fill in a few more details and the purchase is completed.

The conversation
on WhatsApp

After the purchase, users are welcomed on WhatsApp and the conversation continues from there.

Upload and Track

Submitting through a private link, uploading documents, and tracking their status has never been easier!

Click to

Insurance about to run out?
No problem!
Users receive message reminder with a link to renew in just one click!

Increased Conversion Rates
Dramatic increase in process completion, which translates to business results
  • +30% on mobile
  • +20% on desktop
Orit PELED-Roubach
Digital & OS project management

When creativity, Innovation, and excellent service meet –
the product is simply fantastic! Above and beyond all expectations.

Highly recommend the UXPERT team.
I enjoyed and learned every moment during the project.

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