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Price Comparison

Find the perfect deal!


Pave & Save

The insurance gallery conveys the message that there are numerous insurance types to select from, and make the users swipe right and left to  explore.


The buttons, illustrations and background move in different pace, thus adding some depth.

Select Insurance Type

As users scroll down, the call-to-action button remains sticky.

Quick & Easy Process

Complete three quick steps to receive tens of great offers sorted by price



Since users’ goal is to save money, the screen lets them to answer a few questions to find out if they’re eligible for special discounts.

Compare and Save

Not sure which is best for you? Select the offers you like and compare by various criteria.

Beautiful Illustrations

A warm, fun and emotional aspect is added by the lovely characters. Hand drawn by our talented illustrators!

Ido Fridman

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I guess this says it all about my level of satisfaction with UXPERT’s work, professionalism, and service.

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