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Railway Ticketing

Ticket to ride!

point of sale
We started out by observing

We analyzed the old system, watched people using it, measured times, conducted surveys, and learned which aspects needed to be improved.

Welcome aboard!

We used animation to explain where and how to insert the card to start the process.
If a user does not have a card, alternative purchase options are offered.

One-touch purchase

Users typically purchase the same ticket repeatedly, so we designed an option for them to quickly renew their purchase by tapping on an existing ticket to duplicate it.
They can also purchase a new ticket or load money onto the card.

Destination anywhere!

The most popular destinations for each station are presented first, allowing users to advance quickly.
If the destination is not on the list, they can use the keypad to find it.

Make your selection

The available tickets for the route are displayed from the least to the most expensive, to speed up the decision-making process.

Regional tickets

If a regional ticket is required, selecting the relevant ticket highlights the area on the map.


Users can pay with either cash or credit card.
That’s it! They are good to go.

Loading animation

Loading indication is displayed when needed.

The Rail Way : )

Enjoy the ride!

Passengers can now scan their card at the validator and pass.


We’ve also designed the validator graphics and screen display, but that’s a whole different story : )


Watch our lecture given at the UXI Live conference on this case study.

20 min.

Watch our lecture given at the UXI Live conference on this case study.

20 min.
Yehuda Salant
Ticketing Systems Manager

Working with UXPERT is pure fun.
Responsive and wonderful professionals that bring the smartest and most creative solutions to any problem, every single time.
Have been working with them for over 10 years now and counting.
Highly recommended!

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