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Keeping you In the Know

Your order status is displayed, with your name, preparation stage, and how much time is left until you can pick up your order at the counter.



Fun, revolving animation is used to visually illustrate the order status and keeps the user engaged in the few minutes between order and pickup.

Moshe Elbaz
Heila Systems CEO

It’s been an amazingly satisfying experience working with UXPERT.

You can rest assured they will come up with a well-reasoned, adequately creative solution that is perfectly suited for the job.

Thank you for the serious way in which you approach everything you do and for solutions that are both smart and right.

Ido Fridman
VP Marketing and Biz Dev

Here’s my number:

I guess this says it all about my level of satisfaction with UXPERT’s work, professionalism and character.

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